BPMA Pumping Technology - E-Learning

Course Tutor

Gary Wilde ~ E-Learning Principle

Gary Wilde is the Technical Officer for BPMA and has been employed in that role since 2018 following several roles for Xylem both in the UK and Italy and has over 40 years of pump industry experience, including more than a decade serving on the BPMA’s Circulator Pumps Committee and now adding his voice to Europump standards and BSI committees.

He combines in-depth technical knowledge, sales and marketing skills, along with a strong understanding of all key market sectors, including Manufacturers, Distributors, Installers and end-users.
With his knowledge and experience in all aspects of the pump industry, Gary was well-placed to take over as BPMA’s Principal E-Learning coordinator following the retirement of Melanie Warren in 2023.
For any students taking e-Learning courses, Gary will be your point of contact for any questions or clarification about coursework.
Gary can be contacted at g.wilde@bpma.org.uk or you can call him directly on 07534 700 188.