Essentials of Pumping Technology

Essentials of Pumping Technology Level Four (QCF)

Course Time Limit - 8 months.  Final Test time limit - 3 days. Be prepared for this commitment before registering for the course.


  • To provide you with the KNOWLEDGE you will need to complete
    set tasks in pumping without close supervision.
  • You will UNDERSTAND number and physical properties
    including units and dimensions needed for operating pumps.
  • You will SELECT types of pump for particular applications.
  • You will LEARN the theory of rotodynamic pumps, curves,
    efficiency points and the Affinity Law.
  • You will LEARN the theory of ROTARY PD PUMPS, and their
    similarities and differences versus rotodynamic pumps.
    and their specific features.


01 Overview
02 Pump Basics
03 Maths Refresher
04 Physics Refresher
05 Liquid Flow (inc. cavitation)
06 Inlet Features
07 Outlet Features
08 Rotodynamic Pumps
09 PD Pumps General (PD = Positive Displacement)
10 Rotary PD Pumps
11 Reciprocating PD Pumps
12 Drives and Seals
13 Energy
14 Pump Systems
15 Metals
16 Pump Selection
17 Statutory Requirements
18 Glossary & Credits
19 References
20 Useful Data

Each chapter concludes with a short test and at and the end of the course there is a final assessment. A pass rate of 60% must be achieved in the final assessment in order to gain NOCN certification of 9 credits at Level Four

The NOCN will award 9 CREDITS at LEVEL FOUR for students who gain 60%
on the final test for those questions that form their assessment criteria for their award.

This course covers more ground than that required by the NOCN, hence not all the questions
in the final test form partof the NOCN assessment. The BPMA will therefore award their own industry
recognised certificate, based on the whole of the Course, which will confer on the successful student
an additional benefit to that of the NOCN award.

The BPMA award* will be graded as PASS at 60%, CREDIT at 75% and DISTINCTION at 90%.

Industry professionals should aim to be awarded the Distinction.

* Please note that it is possible to obtain a pass on the BPMA course, but fail 
the NOCN assessment.

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Introductory Price: £600 + VAT per person

All round a fantastic course! This has most definitely been a challenge, but very rewarding. I would urge anyone within the industry to get this course under their belt.
Client: Shane Bates | 2020-02-25 | Essentials of Pumping Technology

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