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Pump Fundamentals -8 & 9 September 2021

Session 1   09:00 - 12:30   Sept 8th
Session 2   09:00 - 12:30   Sept 9 th

Pump Testing - 8 & 9 September2021

Session 1   13:30 - 17:00   Sept 8th
Session 2   13:30 - 17:00   Sept 9th


Virtual Pump Fundamentals
I am new to pumps so for me this was technical, the tutor was very helpful if we didn’t understand or wanted to go over topics. Louise Fisher- 30-Sept 2020

Alex was a fantastic lecturer, knowledgeable in every aspect and very professionally executed by Steve and the BPMA, given the current Coronavirus Pandemic. Jarrod Cross -30 Sept 2020

Virtual Pump Systems
I feel I have a better understanding of pump systems and the effects certain items such as valves, elbows etc can have on the performance of a pump. Mat Gilman - 3 Nov 2020